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Digital x-ray

WE use ScanX Duo digital xray machine. ScanX Duo Captures high resolution, detail-rich images for improved diagnostics.Streamlines procedures and increases patient comfort. This is Both practical and cost-effective. The affordable Luxury in Digital Imaging

X-Smart Protaper Machine from Dentsply for Root Canals

X-Smart Plus is the endo motor of choice for General Dental Practitioners performing root canal treatments with the reciprocating, single file technique or traditional continuous rotation file systems. It enables the practitioner to fully focus on the patient and the treatment due to its simplicity of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access with the miniature contra-angle attachment.

Gutta Core machine for root canal from Dentsply

GuttaCore is the first carrier obturator with a crosslinked gutta-percha core, enabling warm gutta-percha to be delivered during obturation, without leaving a plastic carrier in the canal. Retreatment and post-space preparation are also simplified, because the carrier itself is made from gutta-percha.

Digital Intra-oral cameras

Designed to allow clinicians to capture and display digital images from inside a patient’s mouth, intraoral cameras are a valuable tool for patient education and case documentation. Patients do not always accept treatment they cannot understand, but an intraoral camera allows them to see what you see. A problem such as a fractured tooth can be easier to spot and impossible to ignore when it is magnified on a computer monitor or TV screen.